Radio Advertising

How Radio Advertising Will Still Help You Hype Your Business

Radio Advertising has been around since the 20th century, and is acknowledged as a source of communication. Based on research, around 228 million people in America listen to the radio in a week. This is mainly because it’s mobile.  You can listen to the radio in your car, at the mall, or at work.

Is Radio Advertising for you? Take a look at the Pros and Cons:


Provides a wider coverage of audience

Car Radio
You Can Even Reach Someone On The Streets

The radio is so accessible that you won’t have a hard time reaching your audience. Aside from that, people from all walks of life have made it their habit to spend some time listening to their favorite programs.


There is no doubt that putting up an ad through radio is much cheaper than placing it on TV. It’s common for radio ads to be offered at a flat rate, while the cost of a TV spot often depends on the number of viewers.

Production is quick

Unlike on television, which can take months, producing your ad can be done in a week. Next thing you know, you’d be hearing your ad on the radio.


Distraction is just around the corner

Your audience may be multitasking while listening to the radio. There’s a chance that they didn’t pay much attention when your advertisement was aired.

Easy to switch between stations

Some people are so tired of hearing promotional ads that when they hear one, they just switch over to the next station.

If you’re certain that going the radio route is for you, here are some tips to maximize it:

Know your audience

If You’re Selling The Clapper or A Pacemaker, Make Sure You Reach The Grannies

Researching the demographics of your audience will make it easier for radio companies to assign your ad to a specific station wherein it would most likely be heard by your target audience.

Make it short but meaningful

Consider the fact that people may be doing something else while listening to the radio. Get straight to the point and mention the benefits they can get from your product or service.

Repetition is key

While you may have gotten their attention, keep in mind that they will be listening to something else after. Be sure to repeat the important information such as your website address or your phone number.

Many have successfully generated hype through radio advertising. As you’ve learned here, with the right approach and thorough thinking, being among them shouldn’t be too difficult.