Print Advertising

How to Generate an Effective Print Advertisement

There’s no denying that in this digital age, many people still prefer reading hard copies rather than from the screens of their devices. For this reason, print advertisements still have significant exposure to the public, and hence are still a reliable source of publicity.

However, not all commercial printing ads get the attention that the publisher desires. This is not a problem with the print platform in particular, but rather with the way the advertisement is created. For this reason, it’s a necessity for advertisers to know the techniques of how their print ads can be most effective.

Polish the Headline

Headline Print
Create Eye-Catching Headlines

The most important eye-catching element of a print ad is the headline, because apart from the fact that it takes up the larger space on the paper, it also conveys the general message of the ad. Because of this, headlines should be brief and clear.

Long headlines bore people, which drive their attention away from reading the remainder of the ad. It’s also a strategy to make headlines clever; however, making them “too creative” sometimes results in loss of accurate meaning. So to be always on the safe side, go for clearer, somehow more formal headlines.

Create Enjoyable Body Copy

The body copy or the ad is the part where the advertiser explains his offer in detail. And just like headlines, it should be brief. In fact, if it can be avoided, an advertiser can opt to totally not include the body copy at all. But in cases wherein a selling copy is necessary, it should be noted that sentences must be simple and easy to digest. Adding bullets or numbering is also a big help in retaining readers’ attention.

Generate Catchy Graphics

Images and trendy designs are a great way of getting the attention of readers. However, advertisers should keep in mind that photos to be included in the advertisement should always be related to what they are promoting. This is to ensure that, aside from gaining readers’ attention, they will also be enticed to avail of the promoted products or services.

Another thing to take note of is good graphical elements placement. When placed correctly, images can direct the readers’ views to target areas in the advertisement.

Mind the Layout

The layout is responsible for the overall look of the advertisement. An ad with a bad layout imparts incoherence to readers, however compelling and detailed the headline or the body may be. On the contrary, if the layout is executed seamlessly, the readers will attain overall satisfaction because their flow of reading is continuous and pleasing.


Keep these tips in mind to make sure that you come up with effective print advertisements.