Why Invest in Billboard Ads

Overtaken but not Totally Dethroned: The Edge of Billboard Advertising over Other Marketing Forms

Billboard advertising used to be among the most sought-after forms of marketing. In the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, the billboard and TV were the go-to advertising platforms of major brands. Then, in the 2000s came Internet marketing and its gradual takeover of the top spot in the advertising world.

Internet marketing might have taken the lead, but it still has flaws. That’s why its traditional counterparts, particularly the use of billboards, remain viable options. Below are the benefits of billboard ads that make them effective after all these years.

Nearly Impossible to Skip

Billboard Streets
You Can’t Just Skip A Billboard Ad.

Aside from being on the same platform, online ads have another thing in common: the possibility of leads to skip them. If there is no skip button, a user can simply close the browser or app where the ad shows up. Billboard ads work differently. A motorist can’t simply skip it by clicking a button. The ads stay there for a long time, which leads to the next advantage.

Better Recall

Nothing facilitates recall better than repetition does. This explains why motorists who frequently pass by certain ads are likely to remember them without actually trying to. Some even treat billboards as landmarks. No other ad forms are given such importance

Quick ROI

To be clear, not all businesses that set up their billboard ads enjoy a quick return on investment. It actually depends on the nature of the product or service being promoted. The placement of the billboard is another factor. For instance, a towing or car servicing company can enjoy quick ROI once it sets up a billboard ad near an area where many vehicles encounter problems. Billboard ads for nearby hotels and restaurants are expected to yield fast results as well.


Billboard ads are far from being perfect. Some motorists see them as an eyesore. There are also health professionals and government officials who think that such ads distract drivers from driving properly.

On your part, having a billboard ad entails cost. You have to pay for the design, material, set up, lighting, maintenance and removal. Opting for a celebrity endorser is another story. Some forms of Internet marketing are cheaper in comparison.


Billboard advertising has good and bad sides like all other types of marketing. It might not be as badly wanted and heavily used as Internet marketing today, but it still has qualities that can beat the other. But then again, you should consider how the two types complement each other, instead of how one of them is better than the other.